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Linda Paugels, MS, CPC, LADC, LIMHP

Paugels_bio_PicLinda obtained her MS degree from the Agency & Community Counseling Program at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. She has over 25 years’ experience in the human service field, in both administrative and direct care roles.

Linda has held multiple positions working with a wide range of client populations within various settings and across the continuum of levels of care. Linda is Level II certified and has advanced trainings in EMDR. She is experienced working with persons that have co-occurring conditions, including depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, Post-Traumatic stress disorder, attachment/relationship issues, and chronic pain. Linda can assist parents in attaining a better relationship with their children and be the parents they wish to be.

Linda is passionate about helping individuals who have experienced childhood abuse, neglect, and other such traumatic events recover and become the people they wish to be in their adulthood.
Linda offers individual, family, and group therapy options.

Jenny Sievers, MS, LIMHP, LADC

Jenny Jenny Sieversobtained a BS in Family Science from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Kentucky.

Jenny has practiced in Lincoln since 1999, first at Midwest Institute for Families and Youth, and later at CenterPointe, prior to starting her private practice work at Plaza West Psychiatrists in 2008. Jenny began practicing at Journeys in 2014. Jenny brings over fifteen years of clinical experience to her work and a strong understanding of how trauma and toxic stress impacts children, adults, and entire family systems. She conceptualizes her work with her clients from a trauma based framework and how a person’s attempts to cope with past and on-going trauma or toxic stress sometimes becomes maladaptive and interferes with a person’s life goals.

Jenny is extensively trained in attachment theory and how attachment issues in early childhood impact a child’s development on into adulthood. She works with many children and families who have been impacted by trauma through foster care, adoption, divorce, and other life stressors.

Jenny also has experience treating depression, anxiety, and addictions. She is Level II EMDR certified and uses EMDR often in her work with clients.

Colleen Lecher, MA, LMHP

Colleen_PicColleen is a licensed mental health practitioner providing services at Journeys Comprehensive and Collaborative Counseling.

After working within the Lincoln Public Schools as a Middle School Health Teacher for 15 years providing prevention education on high risk behaviors for the adolescent years, she has transitioned into the intervention of problem areas for families struggling with relational, academic, mental health and significant stressful situations, such as post-adoptive family strain leading to dysfunction.
Colleen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education/coaching from Kearney State College. Her Masters of Counseling degree was earned through Doane College in Lincoln, Nebraska. One of her most rewarding professional accomplishments is working as a track and field coach at Lincoln High School. This experience taught her the value of connecting with youth in order to help them make significant changes both in sports and personally. Colleen enjoyed using her counseling skills to assist athletes to meet their goals.

Colleen enjoys working with children who are experiencing stressful life events such as divorce, adoption adjustment, foster care placements, involvement with juvenile justice, and other mental health struggles. Because of her teaching background, she really enjoys educating families about the impact trauma has had on their child’s development and help them understand how to be more effective in their parenting. Colleen is also an approved provider for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

Colleen is an active mother and grandmother and feels having a loving family and spiritual support system are her greatest blessings in life.